• Manufacturer of latex free, 100% silicone Embolectomy Catheters and Carotid Shunts • Contract Manufacturing • Tubing Extrusion • 100% Silicone Products • The Non-Latex Alternative • CE mark approval for all of existing products

Medical Contract Silicone Extruding

• Engineering support • ISO 13485:2016 certified quality management system • Multiple materials, durometers and colors • High precision- Low Volume

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Lucas Medical, Inc’s extruded tubing has become synonymous with silicone innovation. Our patented process for manufacturing catheter balloons can produce inflation sections…

Lucas Medical, Inc. routinely collaborates with medical device engineers at the earliest concept stages to develop and refine component design features that improve manufacturability…

Lucas Medical, Inc. provides the medical device industry with a suite of assembly and packaging services including a range of secondary operations including contract sterilization services…


Lucas Medical, Inc’s proprietary manufacturing process for precision wire reinforced silicone catheter tubing is another medical industry first…


Lucas Medical, Inc. catheter and shunt products are recognized as first in their class and distributed worldwide…



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